Our mixes are the perfect healthy boost to any smoothie, breakfast bowl or snack. See some of our favorite ways to use them below!

We LOVE starting our day with a smoothie! Its hydrating, nutritious and the easiest way to get several portions of fruit & veggies first thing in the morning. Blending fruits, veggies, liquid and your favourite Your Superfoods mix for extra health benefits is all it takes. Power Matcha for energy, Super Green for an extra portion of greens, Muscle Power for plant protein…

Whether it’s with regular, coconut, soy, oat, almond or rice yogurt - stirring in a Your Superfoods mix an easy way to add more natural vitamins and minerals to your yogurt or muesli! Kristel’s favorite recipe is Energy Bomb or Forever Beautiful mix stirred in coconut yogurt, topped with fresh fruit, homemade granola and almond butter!

Let me share a little secret with you… energy bars and balls just taste that much better when you make them yourself! Plus you get to decide what goes in there. Michael often makes a big batch on Sundays, stores them in the fridge and brings them each day to have always a healthy snack on hand in the office!

Did you know you can stir any of the mixes into a small glass of water? We tend to do this whenever we are on-the-go. Super Green for an immunity boost, Energy Bomb for long-lasting energy, Muscle Power after a quick gym session… Unarguably, they taste better in smoothies and other recipes. However, it’s great having an extra portion of greens in the back of your pocket and stirring it a glass of water on a long flight!

Simply blend your favourite Your Superfoods mix with some frozen fruit (such as bananas, mangos and berries!) and some kind of liquid (like plant milk, juice or water). Our favorite toppings are fresh or dried fruits, nuts and seeds and, of course, peanut butter! Decrease the amount of liquid to turn it into a healthy ice-cream bowl :)

Oats are such a healthy breakfast - they’re loaded with nutrients, fiber and keep you full until lunch. Michael likes to cook his oats in plant-based milk and add raisins, a YSF mix (his favorites are either Muscle Power or Chocolate Lover), and top it all with fresh berries and peanut butter. Kristel prefers to stir together oats, water, Power Matcha, dates, cashews and sliced banana the night before. Simply place it in the fridge overnight and voila - breakfast is ready when you wake up!

Whether raw or baked - we’ve crafted a wide array of different treats: Muscle Power Cookies or Banana Bread, Forever Beautiful Raw Bars, Power Matcha Lime Cake, Skinny Protein Granola Bars, Chocolate Lover Brownies… The sky’s the limit and we are here to inspire you every single day!

Adding an extra portion of greens can be as simple as sprinkling the mixes over your salad or adding them to your dressings and dips. Kristel always adds the Power Matcha to her guacamole, stirs the Super Green mix through her hummus and shakes the Skinny Protein together with tahini, water & pepper as a dressing!

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